The Staff

The Staff


Hi! Welcome to Barista’s Daily Grind. I’m so happy you stopped by to check out our menu, meet our staff and see all the exciting things we have to offer! I have worked with Barista’s since it began, and I feel so honored to have been a part of its development and growth over the last 15 years. It’s been a wonderful privilege to serve the Kearney Community, and we are so grateful to all the loyal customers who have made us so successful over the years. I truly believe that we have the very best product and production of coffee in the Midwest, and I hope we have an opportunity to serve you and show you why “our business is people, and our passion is greatness.” My favorite drink is a classic Americano with some sugar in the raw and a little cream. I can’t wait to meet you in the shop, and I hope you feel all of our Pure Customer Love!


It’s a great honor to return to Barista’s after being gone for about five years. I started out at Barista’s in 2oo4. I had the opportunity to be trained and work alongside Ryan Denhardt as well as Steve and Cathy Sickler at the ‘Central Shop’. I’ve returned and am looking forward to being part of Barista’s furture. I am married to Greg, we have 3 boy’s including a set of twins. We all enjoy the country life as we live in Wood River and I commute each day to work. My favorite drink at Barista’s is an iced white chocolate mocha, yummy!!!


Hi all I’m Steph! I’ve been happy to call Barista’s my home away from home for over 6 years now. I worked here all through my undergraduate career, and continued on and am now completing a Masters in Spanish Education at UNK. Originally from Ames, Iowa, I met my now-husband while in college, and we since have made Kearney our home. I’m so thankful for all the great relationships I’ve made here with customers and coworkers; they are truly what makes this place so special. I look forward to sharing my favorite drinks (especially the London Fog) with you soon!


Hello! My name is Amber! I’m from a little itty-bitty town in Nebraska called Loomis. Home of the Wolves! I’m at UNK studying communication disorders. I hope to use my degree to become a speech language pathologist. My taste in coffee has changed so much since I started here. I am now a lover of Chai which I swore I didn’t like when I first started. I also love Japanese Sencha Green Tea or English Breakfast Tea, hot or iced! Other than school and work, I love to snuggle up with a good book and read the day away! :)


Hey, I am Edgar or Eddy. I’m from Lincoln Nebraska and graduated from Lincoln North Star (Go Gators!). I came to Kearney to attend UNK. I was impressed with the ‘family like atmosphere’ that Barista’s has, so I am fortunate to have been accepted to the team. I look forward to working on and developing the art of being a Great Barista. My go to drink is some good-ole Iced Tea (very little to no ice-I do take coffee with a bit of cream, always ;)), but when I’m feeling a sweet tooth I get a medium 2 shot dirty spiced chai with almond milk.


Hello, I’m Ashley and am from Burlington CO-about 12 miles from the Kansas Boarder. I love children which is why I’m majoring in Elementary Education. I do Mission work and love to travel. I wanted to work at Barista’s because I love coffee and it makes people feel happy, “Why wouldn’t you want to work at a place that helps people start their day with a smile!?” My favorite drink is probably the Sugar Daddy Latte or the Peanut Butter Jamo, come in and ask me which it is today!


Hey all!!! I am from a small town here in Nebraska named Loomis. I am working on my Bachelors Degree at UNK. I of course new about Baristas because my sister Amber has worked here and I too visited it previously on our adventures to Kearney! Amber really loves working at Baristas so I thought “I want to work at a place that I love!”, and so I applied and passed with flying colors. I love both my teammates and customers, makes Baristas even more awesome! My favorite drink is anything Jamo, although I’m sure as my palate matures that may change.


Hey I’m Andrew, I am from Lincoln and went to an academy High School. I was attracted to Baristas because I heard they had awesome coffee, needless to say I was very impressed. I myself really enjoy drawing, Barista’s are artist, so I am really looking forward to improving my art in that regard! I enjoy a nice latte because it really is the best combination of sweet milk and rich coffee which equals great palatal satisfaction!


Hi, there! I’m Erica, I grew up in small town Cozad, Nebraska. I’m finishing up my nursing degree at UNMC and a Barista for life! I started coming to Baristas when I got to college because one of my great friends. I found out they had awesome coffee and never left! Now I’m blessed enough to be part of this great team and do what I love for a job! I have worked with coffee for a while because I love it. I want to do it for life alongside my nursing career. A busy life, but luckily it will be fueled with fantastic coffee! No wonder I LIVE for caramel and vanilla breves but sometimes I like to shake it up with a peaches and cream!


Hey All! My name is Alynn and I am from Elm Creek. I am currently attending UNK and focusing on my ‘Gen Eds’. I have always loved Barista’s so to have the opportunity to be part of the crew is amazing, I look forward to learning bunches. I love the Jamo’s anytime, but once in a while I’ll jump on the white mocha wagon. 😉


Hello, my name is James! I started out as a customer coming to BDG almost every day, without knowing I would someday be working here. All I can say it is the best job I have ever had, pushing me to not only learn how to make great coffee, but become a better person. I started out drinking iced coffee, and I would have to say just a plain iced coffee is still my favorite drink! Although the dirty chai comes at a close second..


Hello! My name is Brooke Thorell and I’m from the little town of Loomis, NE. I am currently studying communication disorders at UNK, but will soon be beginning my masters program in speech pathology. I’ve always loved coffee. I have been frequenting Baristas since I was in high school, but never dreamed I’d actually get to work here. Luckily, both my roommates got jobs here and put in a good word. Also, I think my boss just has a soft spot for Loomis girls 😉 My favorite drinks range from a simple cup of Java (Thursday’s medium roast) to a salted caramel cappuccino and the occasional raspberry white mocha.


Joined the team after being amazed by the quality and passion that BDG has for its product. After working for several years at various coffee shops across the country, I found my second home at BDG. My favorite beverage at BDG is the White Mocha.


There is a quote from the famous hit television series called The Office that says, “I wish that there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” I am in the “good old days” right now. I am living it with all of my fellow Baristas. These are the people that I am going to miss and think about when I am no longer in Kearney. I will miss jokes about the Office, learning about steaming the perfect milk, and just walking through life together. This amazing coffee shop helps me to become better. I want to be better and craft the perfect cup of coffee for our wonderful customers.
I have lived in four states and in many towns, but Kearney, NE is a very special place. I have had the opportunity to study and receive my Bachelor’s degree in social work and work towards my masters in social work. I am married to a wonderful man named Cesar and have a tiny dog named Chiquita.
I wanted to work at Barista’s Daily Grind because of the passion that I saw. I saw passion for coffee and passion for pure costumer love. As a customer, I felt important and valued and I wanted to do the same. My favorite things to drink are a dark roast with raw sugar and cream, espresso with a raw sugar, and hot chocolate (Cup of Coa).


Born and raised in Kearney, Nebraska. Going to school for social work. Been in love with Barista’s Daily Grind since the beginning. It was my dream job in high school, and I always thought, “how cool would it be to work there? It has been the best job ever.” I enjoy adventure!


I am from Lincoln. I am going to UNK for international studies and I work at Baristas’s because I love the sense of community with coworkers and customers. My favorite drink right now is the cold brew