The Staff

The Staff


Hi! Welcome to Barista’s Daily Grind. I’m so happy you stopped by to check out our menu, meet our staff and see all the exciting things we have to offer! I have worked with Barista’s since it began, and I feel so honored to have been a part of its development and growth over the last 20 years. It’s been a wonderful privilege to serve the Kearney Community, and we are so grateful to all the loyal customers who have made us so successful over the years. I truly believe that we have the very best product and production of coffee in the Midwest, and I hope we have an opportunity to serve you and show you why “our business is people, and our passion is greatness.” My favorite drink is a classic Americano with some sugar in the raw and a little cream. I can’t wait to meet you in the shop, and I hope you feel all of our Pure Customer Love!


Hey, I am Edgar or Eddy. I’m from Lincoln Nebraska and graduated from Lincoln North Star (Go Gators!). I came to Kearney to attend UNK. I was impressed with the ‘family like atmosphere’ that Barista’s has, so I am fortunate to have been accepted to the team. I look forward to working on and developing the art of being a Great Barista. My go to drink is some good-ole Iced Tea (very little to no ice-I do take coffee with a bit of cream, always ;)), but when I’m feeling a sweet tooth I get a medium 2 shot dirty spiced chai with almond milk.


Hey everyone, my name is Madalyn! I am born and raised in Kearney and have been working at Baristas for a little over 3 years now, and it has been such an amazing experience. I have loved working here and can’t wait to see where the next year takes me! My favorite drink is an iced honey latte with cinnamon sprinkle and oat milk!


WHAT UP PARTY PEOPLE! My name is Nolan. I’m from Omaha, Nebraska. My favorite part about clocking into work is getting to see our valued customers. It’s a coffee shop with open doors and friendly smiles; always a jollification. My favorite drinks lately have been an iced americano and a cherry almond creamosa! 


Hi everyone, I’m Keegan! I am from Pleasanton, Nebraska and have been working at BDG for almost 3 years now. I am majoring in Elementary Education at UNK and will be student teaching soon! Not only do I love all the customers at BDG, but our family work environment is something I love and am so thankful for! My favorite drink is always our Cup Of Coa! 


Hi!! My name is Shelby and I’m from Omaha. Coming to college I was scared I wouldn’t be able to find a place that feels like home but that’s exactly how it feels every time I walk into Barista’s. Two of my favorite drinks are a honey almond steamer and an everyone’s favorite cookie chai!


Hi guys! My name is Lily, I was born and raised in Hershey, Nebraska, a super small town in western Nebraska. I am studying political science right now hoping to attend law school! I came to Kearney excited to meet my people & BDG has definitely played a huge part in giving me that. My favorite drink is either a mango smoothie or raspberry mango Italian soda!


Hello! My name is Jayden! I am currently studying at UNK getting my degree in Education hoping to teach in Kearney some day! One of my favorite drinks at baristas is a cold brew with salted caramel and oat milk!!


How you doing? My name is Kevin, I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska. BDG is more like a family then a local business. Here at BDG we grow as individuals as well as together. I’m not a coffee guy yet, so the best drinks in my opinion are the peach stinger and the espresso shake.


Hi, I’m Bethany! I am from Columbus, Ne and currently studying both English and Ministry. After working in the coffee industry for a few year, I found myself a home here at BDG. I love the atmosphere of friendship, community and consistent profess that this job grants me. You might not see me behind the bar for a while for I am moving to Florida soon to attend the Disney College Program. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon! 🙂


Hi my name’s Jackson! I’m originally from Kearney and also attending UNK. I’m interested in computer programming, but my major is currently undecided. I have also been in the Air Force for about a year and a half now. I wanted to work at BDG because it has always been a very inviting atmosphere and I really enjoy that! My favorite drink is definitely the dirty caramel rocket chai.


Hey guys! My name is Gabe and I’m from a small town in Western Nebraska called Mitchell. I started coming to Barista’s for the iced blueberry chai. I joined the BDG family because of the amazing atmosphere! My favorite thing about working here is being able to jam out while making your favorite drink!


Hey friends, my name is Lizzi (with an i). I’m from Cairo originally and came to Kearney after transferring from UNO to study Social Work. I love that I will be able to help people overcome their hardships and live their best lives. I love the environment Baristas has to offer not only the customers, but the staff as well. My favorite drink is definitely the cold brew with caramel and cream or white mochas with any flavor, I love trying new things. Anyone as obsessed with white mochas as I am, come see me if you want to switch it up!


Hi my name is Isaiah! I’m originally from California, but my family moved here for better job opportunities. I have been here a short time but am already loving the staff, customers, and atmosphere. As an avid coffee drinker, Baristas is the perfect place for me. My favorite drink is the hot matcha. You should definitely get yours hand on it!


My name is Izzy and I was born in Kearney, but grew up in Beatrice. I’m a student at UNK and I’m studying health science with a minor in psychology. My favorite drink currently is a Snickers Jamo!


Hi! My name is Kyra and I am from Spring Hill, Kansas and am attending UNK to study psychobiology! When I first visited Kearney, I went to Baristas and instantly fell in love with the energy! I am so excited to be a member of the team and work in an atmosphere that I love so much. My personal favorite drinks will always be an iced lavender latte with oat milk or an iced americano.


Hey, my name is Jade. I was born in California and lived there until I was 12, I then moved to Callaway, Nebraska where I graduated High School. I am currently a Junior at UNK studying Family Science. I’ve always wanted to work at Baristas because of the environment and how kind all of the employees were. My favorite drink at the moment is a cold brew with oat milk instead of water with pistachio!


Hey there! I’m Brandi, BDG’s biggest fan since day 1! I’ve been coming here since high school and I’m super excited to be a part of this team and see what life is like behind the counter instead of studying in the booths! My favorite drink right now has to be a French Toast Cold Brew.


Hello everyone! My name is RyLee! I am from all over the place, due to my dad being in the military. However, Kearney has always felt like home! I have always loved coming to Barista’s and now I’m lucky enough to work here! It has always been such a special place to me due to the amazing people and the unique atmosphere! Personally my favorite drinks are a vanilla matcha or a spiced chai!


What’s up guys! My name is Kieren and I’m studying to be a high school Spanish teacher with a minor in graphic design. Barista’s has always been my go to study spot for the past couple of years, so I was super excited to join the team and be a part of this amazing group! My favorite drink right now is definitely the sweet harvest chai!


Hey there! My names McKenna and I am one of the new baristas here at BDG. I was born and raised here in Kearney, but moved to Denver shortly after I graduated. I lived in Denver for about 5 years and went to college out there. I currently started my own business as a nail technician! It’s been exciting but also very intimidating. I am very excited to be joining BDG! If I had to pick a drink, my favorite right now would be an iced coconut and lavender latte.