Our Story

Our Story

“I wanted to do something great that would affect people in a positive way. I wanted to have an impact on an entire community that would be unforgettable. Looking back, I believe that we did.”
-Cathy Mettenbrink Sickler
Founder of Barista’s Daily Grind, 2001

The Barista’s Story

      Barista’s began its journey as a tiny shop in the North part of Kearney. It was so quaint that they lacked even a bathroom, and their office was run out of their home with nothing but a small, personal garage for storage space. Some laughed them off as just another ill-fated attempt; a coffee shop, they believed, had no chance of surviving—let alone prospering—on a budget like theirs. But their first day open, Barista’s turned that idea on its head. They took Kearney Nebraska by storm, becoming something much more than what anyone had expected.

The years that followed were riddled with triumph, and disaster. From winning the Midwest Barista Championship and opening stores all over Nebraska, to losing everything and resorting to selling coffee in kiosks on the streets, Barista’s was kept alive through each trial by their steadfast insistence that they would not lose the foundation upon which they were built. That, no matter the price, their values could not be changed, and their passion would not be unhinged. Barista’s had always been about people, relationships, and honoring the craft. From the beginning, they had never had any intention of being just a coffee shop.

Now, as we are approaching our fifteenth year of being open, those values haven’t changed. Our baristas strive each day to sharpen their skills and challenge themselves—to perform with such excellence and devotion that they cannot help but take pride in every drink that they create. We want every guest to feel welcomed, and to trust that we will always provide them with the best service, coffee, and atmosphere that Kearney, and the entire Midwest, has to offer.

We are, and always have been, Kearney’s coffee shop. We work with professionalism, with dedication, and with an intense appreciation for our craft. Our business is ever changing, and we are so excited to be moving forward with all the new things we have planned for the future. But at the same time, we have every intention of remaining true to our humble beginnings. Our foundation was built upon our love for our community, and as long as we are Barista’s Daily Grind, we will remain true to the values and the vision out of which our company was born.

“Our business is people. Our passion is greatness.
We are a friendly place serving you with excellence and appreciation!”



2004 SBA ‘Small Business’ Entrepreneurial Nebraska Champion

Upon review by the Small Business Administration (SBA) of Nebraska of our Business Financials, Business Plan, Methods of Operation, Business Growth, and Community Acceptance, our company was honored the SBA’s Small Business Entrepreneurial Small Business of the Year Award.


Finalist, United States Barista Champion

Third and Fifth Place, respectively, recognizes that Barista’s Daily Grind serves some of the most perfectly prepared coffee in the United States according to the SCAA. We try to compete annually in this elite competition.

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2004 & 2006 Midwest Barista Champion2005 Placement, Third

This achievement recognizes that Barista’s Daily Grid, represented by our corporait trainer, Ryan Dennhardt, serves the most perfectly prepared coffee in the Midwest’s five-state region according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), the governing body of all Specialty Coffee in the United States of America.

Nominated for ‘Retail Business of the Year’ state of Nebraska

Invited to participate on the Entrepreneurial DVD for Tom Osborn’s Office.


Copies have been given to all of the high schools, colleges and University’s in Nebraska as a recruiting tool to keep young people in Nebraska after graduation.

Los Angeles Ultimate Barista Challenge

“Best of Brew”

“Espresso cocktails Champion”

“Latte Art Champion”

“Espresso Frappe Champion”



Miami Ultimate Barista Challenge

“Espresso Frappe Champion”

“Best Espresso Cocktails”

“Latte Art Champion”

“Espresso Frappe Champion”


UBC USA Challenger vs Ultimate’s Challengers New York, NY

“Best of Brew Champion”

“Espresso Frappe Champion”


Awarded for GOLD CUP STANDARDS by the Specialty Coffee Association of America


The Ultimate Barista Challenge USA

“Latte Art Champion”

Placed 3rd in the Midwest Barista competition in addition to winning the competition twice, to include 2006


Placed 5th and tied for 3rd in the United Barista competition


Invited to train and teach the craft of Barista as a representative of the United States in Bangkok Thailand


BGG won the best new short feature film at the First International world coffee festival


Edgar Cruz and April Edgren attended Barista Camp in Java New York


Opened our 2nd Kearney location at 1502 2nd Ave


James Royle and Zoe Ritz will attend Barista Camp in Athens Greece